Fort Lauderdale is one of the top tourist destinations in Florida. However, the city is much more than just a touristy town. Blessed with great weather, amazing nightlife options, and proximity to major cities, Fort Lauderdale is a golden place to call home. We will dive into some of the main reasons why anyone should consider living in Fort Lauderdale:

Great Location

Location, Location, Location and Fort Lauderdale has got it good. The city is located close to Atlantic Ocean and boasts of a tropical rainforest climate, which ensures that the weather is mild all year long. Best of all, you don’t need to worry about snowfall and slippery roads.

Apart from weather, Fort Lauderdale is a fantastic location as it is conveniently located to major cities such as Miami. You are right in the middle of the action with all the perks of a breezy tropical getaway.

Cultural Hot Spot

Fort Lauderdale is well known for its cultural appeal. The town offers a unique mix of quaint appeal with amazing sights and sounds.

Fort Lauderdale is home to some great museums such as Museum of Discovery and Science, Bienes Museum of the Modern Book and Old Dillard Museum. Or else you can stroll around in Hugh Taylor Birch State Park. The town is also full of bars and restaurants where you can sample anything ranging from All American hamburger to exotic international fare.

Fort Lauderdale is the Water Sports Mecca

Fort Lauderdale’s proximity to Atlantic Ocean provides over 7 miles of pristine beaches. So whether you are in the mood to be a beach bum and just relax on fine sand or want to be a daredevil and go diving, Fort Lauderdale is the place to be.

The city presents virtually unlimited opportunities to let you quench your aqua sports thirst. It has excellent infrastructure for sailing, yachting, snorkeling, or just plain swimming in the sea – look at those little fishies! So, whether you have a teeny weeny canoe or a massive luxury yacht, Fort Lauderdale welcomes you with open arms.

Commercial Hub

The reasons to live in this dynamic city continue to pile up!

If you are looking to make a city your home, then it needs to offer more than just fun. Fort Lauderdale has emerged to be a robust commercial hub in the region, which translates to a large number of jobs in various sectors. Fort Lauderdale is a forgiving town and you are likely to find a job, no matter what your skill set is. There is no state income tax and The Sunshine State is business friendly which is why it is soaking up wealth and jobs from those northeast states. This seems to be an ongoing trend!

The city is also home to excellent schools and some outstanding universities are in South Florida, so that you can hone your talent with ease and your children can be prepared properly for the challenges ahead.

Cosmopolitan Outlook

Thanks to booming tourism and strong economy, Fort Lauderdale is a melting pot of cultures. The cosmopolitan nature of the city ensures that not only you never miss home but also enrich your life with different cuisines, music, movies, and so on. The housing quality in the city is top notch with well developed, modern condos. You can indulge in world class food here and then go on to watch interational shows and listen to exotic music.

This city is not that far away from Miami (as already stated) so you can see the Dolphins, Marlins, and Heat play depending on the season.

Fort Lauderdale has carved a niche for itself as a fun, safe, and cool city to live in.

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