The 2018 Miami International Boat & Yacht Show

Boat and yacht enthusiasts are in for a treat as Miami gears up to host its International Boat Show in February. However, the show, scheduled to run from February 15th to February 19th, is not all this lovely town has to offer as it will also host the Miami Yacht Show at the same time.

So, if you are looking to experience the newest, shiniest and glitziest boats and yachts, then Miami is the place to be at in February. Even more than it usually is which says a lot!

Miami International Boat Show

The 2018 Miami International Boat Show will be held in Miami Marine Stadium Park & Basin. The show will bring together the biggest and swankiest names in the boating industry. So, whether you are looking for a small and intimate boat for yourself and a date, a supreme sport boat, a versatile fishing boat, or a luxury liner for your entire family and entourage, Miami International Boat Show has boat for every proclivity.

Over 1,400 boats on both land and water will be on display. Over 500 brands are at this show. This is the boat show of boat shows. There is a massive international presence here.

The show will also have a lineup of educational programs. There will be water boating skills classes available throughout the duration of the show. The show’s 3 hours long water sailing course is always popular. So, if you are planning to hone your sailing skills at the show, then you may want to book your seat in advance.

Pier 9 will host a wide variety of sailboats including mono hulls and catamarans. You can spend hours just looking at these beauties. You probably will not be able to cover this entire event in one day. You can spend an hour just looking at one of these amazing floating vehicles.

The show has also arranged for free shuttle and water taxi services to let you move between the venues in an easy manner so you do not have to be an Olympic athlete to enjoy yourself. The Miami Marine Stadium in particular is hard to get to.

To further enhance your experience, you may unravel the sail (pun intended) for a VIP pass for the show, which includes entry to the show, complimentary food, drinks, and entertainment. In addition, you will also have access to exclusive VIP lounge.

Miami Yacht Show

Erstwhile Yachts Miami Beach will be back in the town for its 30th anniversary edition. While the event will have a new moniker which is the Miami Yacht Show, it will still have its old charm and style as state of the art yachts will be on display, spanning 1.2 million square feet of space.

Both shows add $1 billion to the economy if Miami. Hundreds of boats are in the water waiting for you to check them out or perhaps even make a purchase.

This invitation only event will be attended by crème de la crème of society where the only limit will be the human imagination. The yachts on display would impress Julius Cesar and Michelangelo. Maybe even James Bond too!

The show will bring together the latest innovations in the art and science of yacht making. The Miami Yacht Show will be held at Collins Avenue and will feature in-water-only display of brand new and pre-owned vessels. Deep draft vessels will be displayed in the Island Gardens Deep Harbor on Watson Island.

The revamped show will arrange the yachts in dedicated new and brokerage sections to make it easy for visitors to find specific yachts. This is a fantastic event for real estate buyers to see South Florida, soak up some culture, and to contemplate how much fun you can have in Miami.

Food, amazing boats, incredible sights, lower taxes for everyone, this may be too good to be true! Book a ticket! Come to Miami!

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